Let It Out

Hi, guys! I would like to share something with you that I’m learning. It’s about letting the light of Jesus shine through you and sharing His love everywhere with everyone. It’s a lot bigger than what we can sometimes make it. Sometimes it’s so easy to put it in a box and think: “I’m sharing God’s … More Let It Out

Me, Myself, and I

Hey, guys! Wow, it’s been a long time since it’s I’ve written on here (ha, I write that at the beginning of so many posts xD ) Well, I’m back and I want to get real with you guys. Just tonight (or really this morning…at this early morning hour at which I should be sleeping … More Me, Myself, and I

Creative Journaling

Greetings, all! So, at Light of the World Ballet’s Summer Dance Outreach, part of our everyday schedule was to have personal devotions, a time we spent alone with God. During this time, we were encouraged to creatively journal. It’s basically note taking through pictures.So, if the Holy Spirit placed anything on our hearts  or if something really … More Creative Journaling


Hi, everyone! So, I just got back from Light of the World Ballet’s Summer Dance Outreach (SDO)! It’s a two week program in Syracuse, New York for ballet dancers. The first week consists of classes. The students are also taught a simplified version of one of the company’s original story ballets. The next week the students go … More SDOx2

A View: X-Men Apocalypse

Hi, all! Let’s continue on with our superhero movie review posts, shall we? Today, we’re gonna talk aboooouuuuut….X-Men: Apocalypse! What is it? Check out the preview here. The Good: The special effects: The special effects were incredible! Definitely impressed with those. The X-Men: I’m not an X-Men fanatic or anything but I have seen all of … More A View: X-Men Apocalypse