I Hath Survived!

I made it, woohoo! This week I had to complete the second half of Driver’s Ed. Where I live, you’re required to take Driver’s Ed to get your permit and license. Driver’s Ed consists of two weeks: one week is a class and the other week is actual driving. It doesn’t matter what order you do the weeks in or if you do them back to back. You just have to complete both sections in order to get your license.

I took the class part a few weeks ago and this week I completed the driving section. I was pretty nervous about driving, and the feeling didn’t really go away for the entire week. To be honest, it still kind of scares me. That’s okay though, because practice makes perfect. Eventually I’ll come into my own skin while driving and I’ll figure out how to comfortably cruise down the road. Hopefully. Anyways, today I finished my last day of driver’s ed and got my license. Yay, yay, yay!!!!


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