February Favorites…..on Leap Day!!!!!

It’s Leap Day today, Happy Leap Day everyone!!!!!! Today I’d like to share with you guys some things that I’ve enjoyed using/eating/doing this month. I’m gonna try to post one of these once a month, but don’t quote me on that;) Anyways, let’s get to it:

  1. Wawa’s Cookies & Cream Hot Chocolate
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Now if you’re not from a certain vicinity in the East Coast your are most likely sitting there at your computer wondering “what on earth is a Wawa?”  I’m so sorry that you’ve never been to one. You’re missing out.

Wawa’s is a gas station/convenience store. They’ve got a bunch of snack foods and sandwich wraps and salads and such, but they also have this area in the store where they make food and different kinds of drinks for you right there on the spot. It’s very good.

Towards the beginning of February my mom was so kind as to get me a cookies & cream hot chocolate whilst getting herself a coffee. It. Was. So. Good. It’s very rich and chocolatey but it also has these white patches throughout  for the cream part. Delicious! Like I said, it was very rich so  a small cup was enough. It really hit the spot. So if at any point in time in your life you come across a Wawa’s, go inside and order a cookies & cream hot chocolate. It won’t let you down.

2. Aloe vera gel & eyebrow brushes

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So here’s a little beauty hack for all you ladies out there. My eyebrows naturally fall towards the thicker side. The hairs are very long and unless I use eyebrow gel, they get super droopy and messy looking.

Eyebrow gel comes in a little tube that resembles a mascara bottle. You use the little brush to apply the gel and brush your brows into whatever shape you want. Within about five minutes the gel will dry and freeze your eyebrow hairs into place.

I use it pretty much any time I go out, so it doesn’t take me long to go through a bottle.  I discovered the beauty of aloe vera gel one day last month when I was out of eyebrow gel. “I wonder…” I grabbed the bottle of gel and applied some  to my eyebrows. It worked! Even better, I find using the bristly side of an eyebrow brush to brush my hairs into place after putting on the gel works fantastically!

So now I use it all of the time and it’s so nice because the bottle is so big  so it will last for a while. Not to mention, aloe vera gel is very good for your skin and dries completely clear. Sometimes I’ve found that when I accidentally get too much eyebrow gel on my skin it dries like  glue would, making it look like my skin is dry or peeling. Doesn’t happen with aloe vera gel!

The only drawback is that it’s not so great for traveling or sticking in your purse when you’re on the go. But other than that, I’m enjoying it!

3. Tightlining

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I’ve got hooded eyelids, which means that skin above my eyes sort of droops over my eyelids. Thus, you can’t really see my eyelid. This complicates things when I try to wear makeup.

Through the wonderful world of Youtube, I have learned that the best way to wear eyeliner if your eyes are hooded is to tightline.  When I tightline, rather than putting the eyeliner above my eyelashes I put it on the same line as my eyelashes. It gives them a thicker look and adds that extra something to my eyes. If I put it lower than my eyelashes you can’t see it as well and if I put it higher then the line looks way too thick. It’s a pretty neat trick!


So those are my favorites for this month!

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