The Beauty of the Step-by-Step

Hi, guys! I’d like to share with you more of a serious post today. So, the past few months I’ve been struggling a lot with a some different things, and yet God has been teaching me so much through these struggles. I feel like some of it may be encouraging for someone else out there who is also having a hard time. So, let’s get into it!

  1. “Look to Me.”

Image result for turn your eyes upon jesus

Have you ever heard the words to that song? I have. So beautiful and true. Such a necessary thing to do. When things aren’t going right, it’s so easy to get caught up in how everything looks or feels. When you keep sinning that same sin over and over again and you’re so tired of it but you feel stuck, it’s so natural to get really discouraged and frustrated. Yet in the midst of that frustration, it’s vital to turn your eyes upon to Jesus, and as you do, you begin to see the bigger picture. Sinning isn’t always about sinning, terrible situations aren’t always about terrible situations. Sometimes, we go through things because God is trying to teach us something or give us a new revelation and work a new work in us. It’s important to remember that and stay focused on Him rather than our problems.

So, how do you stay focused on Jesus? One thing that Holy Spirit showed me was something I wouldn’t have thought of on my own (even though it’s somewhat obvious): praising the Lord for the really little simple things that go on throughout the day. From things like “I got to eat a delicious doughnut with pink icing and sprinkles with breakfast” to  “I almost spilled water all over my laptop, but I didn’t”, be grateful and give thanks for the little.

Another good way is to stay in His word and meditate on Scripture throughout day. The Bible says to hide His word in our hearts, right?

Prayer is another huge, monumental way; it’s such a big thing that can so easily be put into such a little box. I know that’s where I put it for a long time. I used to think that you only prayed about really spiritual stuff. Yet, I’m learning that prayer can be applied to anything and everything. Talk to God about whatever you feel like, even if it seems silly. He cares about the little things and the big things. He wants to hear about it all.

2. Fighting with the Word

Scripture is powerful and such a tool. I’m learning the importance of finding scriptures that really speak to me in the season of life that I’m in, and declaring them when I’m struggling or feeling down.

3. Submission to God, Abandonment to Self

This is sooooooooooo hard to do, but submitting to God and obeying Him completely, letting Him take the wheel and lead is huge when it comes to having a relationship with Him. A lot of that means having to say no to yourself and what you want and yes to what He wants. He always knows best anyways.

4. Time

Taking some time out of the day to spend solely on the Lord is very necessary to remaining  connected to Him. How can you have a close relationship with someone you never spend time with?

5. Just Be

This is also soooooo hard. It probably should be easier, it should be comforting. However, for me, sometimes, it’s not. I feel like I’m always trying to find out what I need to do in my walk with the Lord. Do I need to pray about this more? Do I need to talk about it with more people? What do I do? There’s got to be something. But sometimes…there’s not. Sometimes it’s about just resting in His presence and letting Him do all the work. It’s about being willing to give up the control to let Him do that and trusting that He will.


Walking with God is a struggle. Let’s just be honest, sometimes it feels uncomfortable, challenging, aggravating, and even impossible. Day-by-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute, thought-by-thought, it’s often a fight to do the right thing. But the beauty of it is, it doesn’t have to be done alone. The cool thing is that He who has overcome sin and death lives inside of me. And it’s His joy, His absolute pleasure to lead me day-by-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute, thought-by-thought, step-by-step.



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