That moment when you can’t understand your own handwriting.

That moment when you try to kill a crane fly that’s in your kitchen, fail enough to not kill it but not enough to not make it not notice that you tried to kill it, causing it to go crazy causing you to go crazy and  run upstairs screaming. All of this only to have to go back downstairs and turn the kitchen light off…while you’re still terrified…of an insect…that doesn’t bite, sting, or pinch. The struggle is for real.

That moment when you sneeze on your schoolwork.

That moment when you’re really hungry so you go online and start Googling images of delicious food.

That moment when you’ve been chewing the same piece of gum for over an hour and it completely dissolves in your mouth. That’s not supposed to happen…

That moment when a commercial almost makes you cry.

That moment when you wake up on a Sunday thinking it’s a Monday only to realize a few minutes later that it’s actually Sunday. Yes!

That moment when a bird gets into your house…on two different occasions.

That moment when you’re somewhere standing high off the ground and you look out the window or over the railing and have the sudden urge jump.

That moment when you’re in middle school and pronounce the word “sew” as “sue” and “salmon” as “SALL-mon”.

That moment when you’re little sister grows taller than you.

That moment when you do a science experiment and it actually works.

That moment when you’re little and you really want a pet, so you and your brother take an ant, put it in a plastic box, name it Sam, and dub it as your very own. Poor Sam. I apologize wholeheartedly.

That moment when you drive a car by yourself for the first time…and don’t crash and die!!!  #milestones

That moment when you and your brother jump your dad for a Ring Pop. Don’t worry, he’s okay.

That moment when you eat a salt and vinegar cricket just to be able to say that you did it.

That moment when one of your little sisters admits she’s eaten grass…and you catch it on camera 😉

That moment when your mom comes home from food shopping with a bunch of groceries. That’s about as exciting as it gets.

That moment when you should be doing your schoolwork but instead you’re on your blog writing a new post. Oops. I should probably go now.


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