A View: Batman vs Superman

Hola! So,  quite a few superhero movies have come out this year. I’ve seen a couple and I thought to myself, why not do some superhero movie reviews? So, I shall begin wiiiiiiith….Batman vs. Superman! Now, this movie came out in like March and I saw it in April, so some time has passed and chances are quite a few of you have already seen it but…that’s okay…bear with me.

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What is it?

If you had no idea that this movie existed and even less of an idea of what it’s about, click here to watch the preview.

The Good:

Superman: I’m not a big Superman fan in general and this movie (I haven’t seen Man of Steel) hasn’t really changed that, BUT I do think that the actor who plays him in the movie definitely has the right look for Superman. So…that’s good.

Swearing: To my recollection, there were no…or very, very few swear words in the movie, which was great. I could be wrong, like I said I saw it in April, but..I think I’m right.

The Okay:

The story: It had a decent story line. Nothing particularly amazing or new, but it wasn’t terrible.

Wonder Woman: I didn’t dislike her nearly as much as I thought I would. The actress who plays her can act pretty well. There were certain aspects of Wonder Woman that I didn’t like, but we’ll get into that later.

Lex Luther: He was alright as a bad guy. Not the most compelling villain I’ve ever seen, but you know, he’ll do.

The Bad: 

Batman: WHERE IS CHRISTIAN BALE?!?!?! BRING BACK CHRISTIAN BALE, I DON’T CARE IF HE RETIRED IN THE DARK NIGHT RISES, I WANT HIM BACK!!!!! I really didn’t like Ben Affleck as Batman. He just wasn’t right. Not to mention I couldn’t stand his Batman suit.

*SPOILERS* My uncle, a huge superhero fan, was also upset because in the comics Batman specifically has this whole thing where he won’t kill anyone or touch a gun because his parents were murdered by gun. However, in this movie, they completely disregarded  that. Not only does he kill,  Batman also has his own machine gun-like weapon. Went pretty far from the comics and I think my uncle made a good point there *END OF SPOILERS*

Wonder Woman: They tried to sexualize Wonder Woman in the way she dressed and kind of in the way she acted. It always really annoys me when they do that in movies. My mom made a good point in that she said that Wonder Woman used to be presented as a strong and very classy woman, not seductive and flirty.

Comic Relief: There was none.

The Ugly:

Alfred: First of all, I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out if the actor who played Alfred was Robert Downey Jr. with a bunch of makeup on. I didn’t like Alfred. He was weird. Really weird, and he looked too young.

Love Scene: There was an inappropriate love scene between Lois Lane and Superman in the beginning of the film.Totally unnecessary.

The Romance: I didn’t like the romance between Lois Lane and Superman. My mom pointed this out and I agree, you never really get the sense that Superman really, really loves Lois Lane. The actors didn’t have good chemistry.

Lois Lane: I couldn’t stand Lois Lane. Everything about her annoyed me. *SPOILERS* Superman had to rescue her so many times in this movie. It seems like every time he saved her she got herself into trouble again. I was like “seriously? Is it that hard for you to not do something dumb? For Pete’s sake, control yourself, stop poking your nose where it doesn’t belong!” Not to mention, my uncle brought this up, how come Superman always knew where Lois Lane was when she was in trouble but couldn’t find his precious mother when she was in danger? Plot hole! *END OF SPOILERS*

Overall: Honestly, I came out of that movie not knowing what to think. I don’t know if I would watch it again…probably not.

Is it worth seeing?: No. Just no.

My rating: 2 out of 5 stars.





4 thoughts on “A View: Batman vs Superman

      1. I do agree with you with the whole killing thing but I thought Batman was pretty cool, fight scenes are a lot better than TDK trilogy. But fair enough if you didn’t like it.


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