A View: X-Men Apocalypse

Hi, all! Let’s continue on with our superhero movie review posts, shall we? Today, we’re gonna talk aboooouuuuut….X-Men: Apocalypse!

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What is it?

Check out the preview here.

The Good:

The special effects: The special effects were incredible! Definitely impressed with those.

The X-Men: I’m not an X-Men fanatic or anything but I have seen all of the X-Men movies and a lot of the characters that are in the old ones with Hugh Jackman (actually just about all of them) are in this movie, but it takes place way back when they were teens. It was cool going back in time and seeing them as really young people. I liked that. There were a fair number of jokes that referred to the old movies as well which if you’ve never seen the old movies wouldn’t mean much, but I liked it.

The Arabic: This is kind of a side note but there are a few scenes in the beginning of the movie that involve Arabic dialogue. I was so happy because I started taking Arabic this year annnd I COULD ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND SOME OF THE DIALOGUE!!!!! Not that any of you care, but you know…it made me happy, so….be happy with me.

The swearing: No or very, very few swear words, yay!

The comic relief: Unlike in Batman vs. Superman, it actually existed!

The Okay:

The villain: Now, I’m very impressed with the actor who plays the bad guy because he’s such a diverse actor who has played a wiiiiiiiide variety of roles. However, I wasn’t super impressed with the villain himself. I just didn’t find him to be all that impressive. He talked a lot but I felt like he didn’t really do all that much.

The Bad:

Xavier’s love interest: I didn’t like her. They didn’t do much with her role…other than make her annoying (just saying)…and I feel like she didn’t really need to be in the movie.

The Ugly:

The villain’s character: Throughout the entire movie they tried to make the villain like a god or someone who was believed to be a god. They kept making correlations between him and God. I didn’t like that, it bothered me.

Storm’s accent: In the beginning of the movie Storm is living in the Middle East so throughout the film she has a Middle Eastern accent. I couldn’t stand it because she didn’t sound Middle Eastern at all. I’m no expert, but my Arabic teacher has a very thick Middle Eastern accent and I’ve heard various different people from that region speak  and they do NOT sound anything like the way Storm talked. Just saying.

Overall: It was an okay movie. I don’t really know if I’d watch it again.

Is it worth seeing?: If you haven’t seen the old X-Men movies with Hugh Jackman maybe not and definitely not if you haven’t seen the two X-Men movies that preceded this one (X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past).

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars.




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