Hi, everyone! So, I just got back from Light of the World Ballet’s Summer Dance Outreach (SDO)! It’s a two week program in Syracuse, New York for ballet dancers. The first week consists of classes. The students are also taught a simplified version of one of the company’s original story ballets. The next week the students go and perform in difference places throughout the city, bringing the love and light of Jesus with them wherever they go. It’s an amazing program and I highly recommend it!

This was my second year attending (click here to check out my post about the first time), so it was a different experience. Going in I felt a lot more comfortable and excited because I knew some of the people who would be there, I had taken classes with the different teachers, and I knew I was capable of living away from home, cooking for myself, and managing my own money.

Those two weeks were an amazing time. I bonded with all of the other girls very quickly and very easily. It felt like family and I was able to truly be myself for the entire time. That’s a wonderful thing.

Something that was really highlighted to me through this experience was the importance of unity among dancers. If dancers aren’t of one accord, the end result of any dance they do will not reach its full potential. At SDO, the reason we were able to learn a whole show in four days and perform it so well was because we were so unified. We completely connected as friends, as dancers, and as sisters in Christ. On top of that, together we put our focus on the same thing, Jesus, and allowing the Holy Spirit to work in us and then through us. That’s powerful, that’s necessary, it cannot be replaced by anything else.

I once again was so blessed by the love I felt when I went there. Everyone, including the teachers, really cared for each other. We prayed for each other, we laughed together, we just had the best time.

I’ve been so blessed by Light of the World Ballet, I came home feeling so full. If you’re a dancer, check out their summer programs and even if you’re not, check out their calendar on their website. Maybe they’ll be performing somewhere near you!



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