Creative Journaling

Greetings, all! So, at Light of the World Ballet’s Summer Dance Outreach, part of our everyday schedule was to have personal devotions, a time we spent alone with God. During this time, we were encouraged to creatively journal. It’s basically note taking through pictures.So, if the Holy Spirit placed anything on our hearts  or if something really stood out to us as from what we read in the Bible that day, instead of writing it down with words we expressed it through pictures.

One day during personal devotions, I was thinking about how Jesus was born in a stable. I mean think about, He was born in a stable. He didn’t have to be, why not just be born in a normal place, like a normal baby? No. A stable.

An image came into my mind, a thought, of Jesus and God the Father sitting up in heaven before Jesus came to earth. Now, this thought wasn’t like… a perfectly, theologically correct thought and I’m not saying this actually happened. It was just something that came to me that I thought was interesting.  So, Jesus and the Father were sitting in heaven looking at different places for Jesus to be born. These pictures kept popping up in front of them. The first one was of this nice, lavishly furnished palace room. At the sight of it they were both like “nah, not this one.” Then another picture popped up of a typical, house. Once again they were like, “nope, not that one either.” Finally, a picture of a dirty stable with animals and manure popped up and they were both like “YES! Absolutely! This is the place!”

Obviously, it probably didn’t actually happen that way, but it just made me think, that the fact that He was born in a stable is almost like a statement in and of itself. It kinda shows that Jesus isn’t afraid of going into the dirty places, to the disgusting places, to the places where no one would choose to go at first sight. In fact, He wants to go into those places. He chooses those places.

It made me think about how Jesus isn’t afraid of the dirty places inside of my heart. The parts that I’m ashamed of, that I don’t want anyone else to see. He’s not disgusted by my worst mistakes, my imperfections don’t make Him nervous. In fact, He wants those places, the very worst parts, so He can make wash over them and make me whole.


All of this thinking inspired me to draw this picture (now, bear with me,  drawing is not one of my strengths):

Creative Journal 1 001

So, here’s a dirty person sitting in his or her muddy mess of mistakes and unrighteousness, miserable and hurting, desperate to clean up but powerless to do so. Then there’s Jesus saying, calling “I love you. Right here, right in your mess I still love you.”

Then, taking things a step further, once you receive that love and let Him wash away the dirty places, you can then go and share that love with others. It inspired me to draw this picture.

Creative Journal 2 001

So here we have someone who is sitting in his or her dirt, unhappy, and then we have the clean person who has been washed and purified in the blood of Jesus. So, we’ve got Jesus saying to the dirty person and the clean person “I love you”, and then we also have the clean person saying to the dirty person “I love you, just like Jesus loves you”, and that’s what the heart symbolizes in the middle.

So, yeah! I just thought I’d share that with you guys:)


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