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Hola! Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written on here, hasn’t it? Don’t worry I’m not dead, just very busy. Anyways, yesterday I went to Chuck E. Cheese’s with my family. Now, it was a very interesting experience, because I used to love that place as a kid and I haven’t been for quite some time now, so it was interesting going back as an…ahem…seventeen-year-old woman. Allow me to share with you some of my observations.

  1. The tubes

Everyone loves the tubes that circle around a small section of the ceiling at Chuck E. Cheese’s. At least I did. I’m pretty sure it was my favorite part of the place as a child. Thus, I wanted to re-live the experience and I climbed and crawled around in there (twice) with my sisters.

First of all, crawling around in a plastic tube with a hard plastic floor is painful. My knees were not happy with me. Second of all, the tubes had a strange smell within them that resembled the smell of urine. When I pointed this out to one of my sisters, she comforted me by saying “maybe someone had an accident in here.” Great, thanks. And the slide is somewhat anti-climatic.  Nevertheless, at the same time, the tubes have a way of bringing out the kid in you. Sort of.

2. The bathrooms

The bathrooms smell like artificial grape flavoring. Don’t ask me why, they just do. And the weirdest part was that right when I came out of the bathroom (at least at the Chuck E. Cheese that I went too) there was a bright purple wall beside me. I don’t get it.

3. The arcade

The arcade is actually fun! As a child, there were a few games I enjoyed playing but for the most part I wasn’t all that in to the arcade (hence why I never accumulated very many tickets). However, this time, I played like, you know, one game, and I enjoyed it! It was nice!

4. The tokens

They used to have tokens that you would place into the arcade machines. Different games required different numbers of tokens. They don’t have that anymore, now they just have cards. So that’s different. My dad didn’t like it, he said it got tedious because apparently the process is more complicated than with the tokens.

5. The Mouse

No. Just, no.

6. The ticket counting machine

The noise that the the machine makes when it takes in your tickets is still pretty cool to me. It almost sounds like its eating the tickets. Oh yes, I’m completely normal.

7. Exchanging tickets for prizes

Ever notice the top shelf of prizes that’s on the wall that requires you to have like 5000 tickets? Who does that? Who ever gets enough tickets to be able to do that? Certainly not me, I was never that privileged.

So, yeah, that was my Chuck E. Cheese’s experience!



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